Uncover how we gave this startup a pro visual start. we design 25 web pages that matched their professionality and ambitions.

Specsquared Inc. is an online manufacturing platform that offers customers on-demand manufacturing in Aerospace, Automotive, Naval, and Healthcare industries.

What we've done

  1. Strategic Discovery
  2. Website design & optimization
  3. Web application development
  4. Landing page design & optimization
  5. WebsitePerformance & Security 
  6. SEO technical optimization

We've got work to do

Specsqured needed help with the usability and information architecture of their development website, landing pages, and web applications.

SkuidTech asked as to help:

— Take their website look to the next class

— Architecture a fast and secure platform

— Match their bold vision to the look and experience of the platform

— Provide a visual framework that will help the product team iterate faster